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Prices for used vans on SMB website

When I look at the listed prices for the used vehicles on the Sportsmobile website, I scratch my head, and ask,,,,,really?

Most seem way overpriced.
Are these listed prices really what people end up paying?

I'm going to be selling my '03 Ford E350 RB50 7.3 Quigley w/79K miles soon.
Since this is the last year of the 7.3, some feel it is the Holy Grail of vans.
If I follow the guidelines of other people listing, I should be asking 100K, which is ridiculous.
Still not sure how much I'm gonna price it at, but definitely not gonna be outrageous.

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I'll just say this:

I am doing a home build and starting to figure out why these commercially built vans are expensive. But those prices prompted me to DIY as much as possible.

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I can't imagine paying what I see there either. I wonder if anyone really does.

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I think it's $1000 to list your add with Sportsmobile?

Seems I could easily get what I paid for my rig as the 3rd owner in 2010. And then some, but replacement value would by $110,000-$120,000. And the E series is kaput.
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Agree. I have a 2003 with 7.3 and 70K miles and it definitely appears to be an appreciating asset.

BTW: I keep seeing people referring to the 2003 7.3 as the "Holy Grail". I think the Holy Grail as it used to be referred to is the 2003 with 7.3 and the Sportsmobile 4x4 conversion. There was only a short overlap between when Sportsmobile started converting to 4x4 and the last of the 7.3. Most of the 2003 7.3 are Quigleys (mine is a Quigley). If you have a true low mileage Holy Grail you would probably get top dollar for it.
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Even "holy grail's" arent getting 100k. There was a really nice real holy grail that was listed for $69k in SF.
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People pay a higher price for what they think is valuable. What may see like a ridiculous price to you may seem cheap to another. Used SMBs are fetching a premium price and have been for a while.
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^ Larrie makes a point.

If your 'for sale' van makes it through the required inspection(s), and you pay the SMB fee for advertising it on their website, it's tends to lend some legitimacy to the vehicle. But, that doesn't necessarily justify the higher asking price.

You could just take a van you're interested in to an indy shop and an RV shop yourself, and get reports. Not knocking SMB here, but it's certainly a money maker for them.
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Originally Posted by gcvt View Post
^ Not knocking SMB here, but it's certainly a money maker for them.
I suspect it is good business for them, but I doubt they actually make any direct money on brokering used SMBs.

Brokering a rig with SMB costs the seller something like $1,500. SMB then puts in time to gather info on the van, list it on their website, email people about it, talk with people about it, and show it to people if they have it on site. They also take on insurance liability when they sell a used vehicle.

I have personal experience with how much time they put into selling used rigs. When I add up the numbers, I think they could be breaking even, but not much better than that.

That said--I also believe it is very good business for them. When they make it easy to sell used SMBs, they make it easy for existing owners to buy new SMBs. They also bring new owners into the fold--folks who might not be in a position to buy new, or who know they want to buy new at some point, but want to experiment first with a used rig to find out what they do and do not like. SMB's brokerage also helps to keep the price of used rigs up. That, in turn, helps to keep the price of new rigs up.

Overall, I do not believe that brokering used rigs creates direct profits for SMB, but I believe it is an important part of SMB's overall business strategy because of the manner in which it supports the overall market.
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I'm not sure if buyers are in fact paying the full asking price but that is a very good question. I am shopping (have been for some time) and what I have found is the nice vans don't last long and they're gone. I am talking to someone now that isn't 100% sure the family wants to sell ... which is fine, I know wonderful memories are made, and that would be hard to part with ... but I am ready to start my own with my two wiener dogs that I adore. They want to go EVERYWHERE with me. I don't mind though )

I am a landscape/nature photographer by day and a motorsport photographer by night. I really want to get away from the thousands of photographers fighting for space to get the same shot, and the Sportsmobile is going to make that possible for me. Plus I need a safe comfortable place for us at the end of the day. I'm also looking forward to meeting people in this group and taking trips together. I have missed out on a lot of stuff in my life ... and at age 62 I'm ready to start living.

If you know of anything selling I would love to hear about it. I really want to pull the trigger on this early next year. I'm so excited!

All the best,


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