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men vs women

Not that this has anything in particular to do with SMB's, but my wife pointed out after reading this in the paper this morning that this sums up our relationship with our vehicles pretty accurately. Particularly me and our (my) SMB. My hunch is it may depict a few of us on this forum.

"CLICK & CLACK : Our Natures, Our Cars

Sunday, December 2, 2007; Page G02

Q Dear Tom and Ray:

Since my dad died, I miss being able to ask him obscure questions. The other day, I realized that your column is the closest thing I've had to having him here. So, thanks for your humor and the information. My question: Who would you say is harder on a car -- men or women? -- Theresa

TOM: Well, first of all, Theresa, we have to thank you for the lovely compliment.

RAY: Our theory is men's relationships with cars are like women's relationships with men.

TOM: Look at the similarities. Is a man content to simply "have" a car? No. He has to be in constant communication with his vehicle so he knows how it's feeling. He likes to open the hood, look around, check the levels. He may even "sense" a problem before it's obvious. Then he'll "deal with it" so it doesn't fester.

RAY: This essentially describes a woman's relationship with her man, doesn't it?

TOM: And how does a woman treat her car? To most women, the car was selected because it was cute and the right size. What does she require after that? That it start. That's about it. The fact that the car is still there in the morning and starts up for her that day is good enough. If there's a little hiccup . . . a little blue smoke, a little hesitation, why worry? If it gets so bad that the car stops running, she'll worry about it then.

RAY: This is how men are in relationships. Am I right, ladies?

TOM: Our relationship analysis would suggest that women are harder on cars than men, because they're not as aware of problems early, when they might be cheaper to fix.

RAY: But then you have to factor in the basic nature of men and women. Women, by their very nature, are gentler and less aggressive.

TOM: While men are animals. We stomp on the gas, jam on the brakes and whack things when they don't work.

RAY: Who's harder on cars?

TOM: I don't know. But I know we just gave every man an opening to say, "You know, hon, if you paid half as much attention to your car as you do to our relationship, you'd never run it out of oil again."

RAY: And we've given every woman an opening to say, "You know, if you were half as sensitive to my needs as you are to your car's, I'd never have to ask you for anything again."

TOM: So, we've either solved the world's most pressing problems or started World War III."


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Click & Clack

Right On! Those guys are a regular part of my Saturday mornings. They make me laugh and sometimes I actually learn something.


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