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How to remove panel below door windows?

All jazzed to install 2 speakers up front, 2 in the back, and install a new stereo (single DIN), but only got the front two speakers done. Anyone know how to get the panelling off the back and side doors (1998 Ford E-250)? I've taken out every screw I can find and can only get the plastic window panel out - nothing for the fabric panel below. I'm a little scairdt to just pull on it - especially with a road trip coming up!

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If its like the newer Fords, after removing all screws you slide the panel up about 3/4" and it comes off.

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That technique worked for the two front doors (driver and passenger), but it doesn't work for the side cargo and rear cargo doors. I can get the plastic window frame (that holds the day/night shades) out, but there's something holding the bottom fabric panel to the door still. This panel has a cutout that's too small to remove the old or install the new speaker. Are there hidden screws? Plastic rivets?
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Okay, I just now did this so I could install Jimmy Jammers after a break in. I say this, because if you're pulling all your panels, you might want to do this at the same time.

So if your door is like mine, with a little drop down opening and stash space in the door, you need to:

1) Remove the grab handle. Two of the four screws securing it are extra long and secure it to the door sheet metal. The screws are under the caps at either end.
2) Remove the four screws holding the hinges for the drop down door. They also go into the sheet metal.
3) Then there are seven (again, at least on my van) of those plastic panel thingers that you have to carefully pry out of the holes in the door sheetmetal that secure them. The panel thingers are permanently affixed to the door panel, and in fact their connection to the door sheet metal is quite strong - you really could damage the door panel if you're not careful. I use one of those auto trim pullers, and also a thin piece of wood, maybe three inches wide by a foot long, to slide between the sheet metal and the trim panel, and then gently pry it off. I had three connectors along the top, two midway down a few inches in from the edges, and two along the bottom.

My description is poor, but you'll understand after steps #1 and #2, but if not, just post here or send me a message. Hope this helps.
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Awesome advice - thank you! Those secret screws in the handle were a great find. There were also a few others in the speaker opening behind the first piece of panel and the door - angled up away from the speaker and into the door. The plastic rivet thingies...well, I ripped a few of those out accidentally. Bad news is that it stayed in the door and pulled right out of the wood. I fixed this by adding a few of my own hidden screws here and there to make up for it. I may just remove the whole thing again and use screws with button covers in strategic spots.
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