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FICM Repair/Replace w/higher voltage FICM? 2005 6.0

Hi all,

Looks like it's time for a new FICM at least... and maybe not too long for new injectors. But I think I'll start with FICM. Rough cold starts, longer warm up times for any power... and I seem to be running slower and hotter on long steep grades.

Anyway... has anyone gone to a 53 or 58v FICM and noticed an improvement over stock 48v? Having trouble sorting through truth from fiction as to whether this is worth the extra spend?


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Before dropping the money for a new FICM, what kind of voltage are you seeing out of you alternator? If you have voltage supply issues to your FICM, a new FICM won't help.


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I did the Ultra service on my FICM with Ed at I researched the 53 and 58v output options and performance gains mostly seemed to be hype. I do like the redundancy feature on the bulletproof power supply but it's ungodly expensive without much of a warranty. Not that you would need it as their units are highly regarded but Ed's work is warrantied for life.
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Greetings Yovan, I'll offer up my thoughts but understand I hold no credential in Ford 6.0's. Bear with me as you may have already done these steps. Before spending money I would confirm what your current injector electrical side status is.

1) I would obtain access to a diagnostic monitor like a Scanguage, Forscan, or AutoEnginuity.

2) Confirm both starting batteries are the same brand, age and 12.6-12.7 volts resting. Use multimeter.

3) With ignition on waiting for glow plugs observe voltage drop from glow plug demand. It is common to see voltage drop to 10-11 volts due to demand but if its 8 volts or less replace batteries. Indicated on scan tool.

4) Confirm alternator is supplying mid 14 volts at normal idle and is stable indicated on scan tool.

5) Confirm FICM voltage is 48 volts and rock stable at all rpm and driving conditions. Indicated on scan tool.

If all that checks out your performance issues are probably not your FICM or injectors. At that point I would upgrade the FICM as a reliability improvement for the future but not expect any performance cures. And, move on what the other issues are that are causing the issues your describing.

My only recommendations for FICM reliability improvements (only after confirming steps 1-4 from above are satisfied) are either Ed at who offers the lifetime warranty option OR the Bulletproof Diesel power supply with the 6 phase power supply for redundency.

Regarding the 53 or 58 volt options. It is my understanding that the higher voltage FICMs was from the high horsepower builds that were running higher and sustained HEUI oil pressures, think dyno rigs and sled pulling. Then it was believed by regular truck owners as a solution to prevent injector spool valves from sticking (sticktion). Sticking spool valves can not be prevented or cured by increased voltage in my opinion, that is an oil issue in the spool valve. I don't think it's just hype to run the higher voltage but 95% of all 6.0's aren't modified in a way that would need the higher voltage.

- Eric
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Thanks everyone,

Great call in checking alternator voltage first, it is relatively new--so I had bypassed that step in my brain but it is a good call.

My scan tool (a Bluetooth OBD2 reader) I don't believe can pull FICM voltage, but I will definitely be checking pre-crank and running voltage straight off of the FICM prior to ordering any replacements.

Appreciate the reminder about That could be a could route and perhaps a mild tune out of it too.

I'll post back after I have chance to pull out the Multimeter and start pulling numbers.

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