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Hood louvers verses reverse scoop?

I have read through this thread:

I am considering adding louvers as a way to keep engine water and oil temps and trans temp down.

But I was wondering about this idea: A "scoop" installed in reverse, as close to the top of the hood as possible. The idea is to let hot air out, but keep rain out as much as possible. I know everything under the hood gets wets, very wet, when driving in rainy weather. A Subaru WRX-type hood scoop looks like it could be mounted on top of the hood without too much work. Not sure about the radius of the hood verses to bottom shape of the scoop. The long top extension on this scoop would keep rain falling down wards from going into the engine compartment. The small lip across the bottom of the opening would keep water from running into the scoop.

Maybe louvers are better? Just daydreaming.

Honestly, it seems like the louvers work, I just don't like the look of them. Lol.
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I put the louvres on. They did nothing as far as I can determine.

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maybe hit up the the member who started this thread and see if he’s got an update with his results?

There’s also a thread where boywonder and 1der did some real world testing with some fancy tooling to see if the louvers would help or not.
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I have hood louvers. I'm not sure they do anything for actual running temps but I do think they help with dispersing under-hood hot air. No empirical evidence for that other than feeling the hot air coming out when stopped with my hand. It's that hot environment that's cooking the wiring harness and other electrical components.
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Reverse hood scoop will push air in, while moving, because the windshield cowling is a high pressure area. Subaru does this because that's where the intercooler is.

If you did this on your van, you'd basically be bypassing air around the radiator. Of course, when stopped, it will blow hot air out that cowling. Right into your A/C intake....
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Based on the testing boywonder and I did, it is my feeling the louvers on the hood do nothing to “extract” or introduce more air into the engine compartment while moving. No question they allow heat to escape when stopped.

Extractor vents on the fenders might do something while moving and would help with heat escaping at rest. We did not test that area but it seems logical it would be a lower pressure area across the outer sides of the van front fenders than underneath the hood. Keep in mind there are other considerations of under hood airflow such as across the exhaust manifolds and top of the ttransmission.

The reverse scoop idea at the rear edge of the hood probably would not create much extraction either, it is a high pressure zone when moving. (edit:Just saw carringb’s post after posting this, same idea)

A front facing scoop behind the radiator would increase pressure behind the radiator and would likely reduce airflow through the radiator. I would be very reluctant to do anything that could potentially reduce the airflow, while moving, through the radiator and other coolers that face forward behind the grill. Creating a lower pressure behind the radiator would be helpful. The air deflector/dams that hang down below the bottom of the radiator would help do that.

Just my two cents

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