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Promaster is like scotch, an acquired taste. They sure drive nice and have lots of room in them. A standard height roof with a penthouse would be sweet.

"A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points but it is by no means the most interesting". Jon Pertwee as Dr. Who, The Time Warrior.
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The near vertical sides really open up the interior. The other thing I really like is the flat floor out the slider without a step/well like the Fords and GM's. Reminds me of a Westfalia that begs you to open the slider up, sit on the floor and crack a beer.

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Viva: You nailed it! A demented koala bear is exactly what the Transit looks like. hahaha

larrie: I agree with you totally on the standing height

rockbender: My thoughts exactly on not having the additional step to get into like in the E-Series. That's where I try and sit to gear up to mt bike and it's always a bit awkward.

SMB wrote back saying the bed dimensions are as follows: lower = 53" x 73" and upper mattress is 50" x up to 6'- 7' in length! Pretty impressive size in the lower for sleeping cross-ways.
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Well none of these vehicles are designed for my needs and can't off road where I want to go. Even the ATW Fuso won''s too big. If I want a road based RV that might be different and in that case I would probably want something a bit larger...JMO. I just can't get over how ugly the front ends are on these new vehicles now days
I doubt Ford will reintroduce anything like the E-series because they were never really intended to supply SMB with a 4x4 platform to build off of. Most people freak out seeing a 4x4 lifted van and I'm surprised when someone is shocked to see my van is an RV after I open the doors. When getting propane a while back the lady looked at my van and asked "carpet cleaner?"
I actually think all of these new utility vehicles make a better road type RV. Form follows function...they've just poorly designed the face.
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Yes this is indeed one butt ugly vehicle, no doubt or arguments there.

Even so once we're in the drivers seat, motoring down the highway on to another adventure fully surrounded by whatever makes us truly happy we can't see the outside so perhaps the appearance fades from the conscious mind, just a little?

Of course when we stop and have to once again look at it............oh well---life is a circle yes?
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To play the Devil's advocate here, I'm not so sure the E-Series face is that appealing once you strip off the Aluminess goodies, winches, lights, etc. I think everyone is just used to is b/c it's looked virtually the same since the early '90s.

I thought the Honda Element looked kind of ridiculous when it first came out.... and then ended up owning 3 of them over 10 years.

I agree with your off road arguments; however, we are East Coasters and I take my van into the mountains up steep, off camber inclines with not so much as a locking diff. and have never had trouble. I have no desire to rock crawl my camper and would really have to try to need 4wd.

I am more concerned now with whether the front wheel drive on the Dodge vs rear drive on the Transit would be the best option if you were going to do a build. I actually dislike the looks of the Transit even more but starting as RWD would at least leave the 4x4 option on the table.
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So I have a Honda Element (2006 - 168,000 miles; only owner) and feel just fine about how the low roof Promaster looks. Does this mean I love ugly babies too?

I kind of think pretty much all full size van with a high roof looks like a beached whale. Does anyone really think the E-series with a high top looks sexy? Common no. The E-series only looks good lifted with sweet tires on them and as said above the winch and bumpers ect.

I've driven the Transit (high roof) and Promaster (high roof and low roof) and feel once you have the high roof on a van it looks and feels more like you're driving a water buffalo down the road.

If I had the budget for it I think I'd be stoked to be driving the Quigley Transit with PH top. ... d1a970d-pi

Although I do have to say I didn't really love my element until I rolled a bike in the back of it with the wheels on and and said oh damn I'm going to have to buy one of these.
Working on Converting a 2014 Sienna AWD Limited for rock climbing and back country skiing
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I have a 2003 Element, first new car I ever bought, 155K miles, and I love it. I brought my MTB to the Honda dealer and stuffed it in the back before making the purchase.

It works great for bicycles, not not much help for motorcycles, as it cannot support a hitch hauler. Hauls my HF trailer easily though.

When I purchased my first used KTM off of CL, I managed to stuff the bike in the Element but it was a lot of work.

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