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RV Status 2 Program

While this effort is not 100% finished it has progressed far enough that thought I would start sharing, this will hopefully provide feedback, ideas, and changes to the final product.

I had a couple of goals when coming up with version 2 of my original RV Status Program. Those that have viewed for the first version, know that I used multiple Phidgets Input/output modules to get data from my electrical system, As I started to refresh my electrical system, one of the criteria points was the availability to interface with a computer. Thus, all my main components would be available to read data or interface with computer control.

The second goal of the new RV Status Program was to move from a program used monitor the RV while parked at house, but also become a monitor system for the RV while camping. Sure, I know all the equipment has built in monitors (even remote monitors), but simply put, I struggle to read these without reaching for my reading glasses. I also have worked with enough one button, controllers in my career that I don’t need to do that on my travels. Luckily technology has progressed along, and tablets are mainstream. For coding, testing purposes I wanted to stick to a windows platform and found a 10” windows tablet by NuVision for $79.00

The home page of the program lands you here. The bottom row has some basic buttons, for setup options, logging, closing, and minimizing the program. That leaves you with six other choices, and buttons to scroll left or right, or you can directly choose your next page by picking the appropriate picture. Will give you a quick rundown of the available features to date.

The first choice lands us on the Pentametric Battery Monitor data provided by the Bogart Engineering Pentametric. The Pentametric provides all the data that the typical battery monitor provides, but also can monitor two other sources. In my case I have chosen the Inverter/Charger and the solar controller. I also monitor the van battery voltage. You will also see a temperature monitor on the van battery, that is being provided by my Phidget system.

The Pentametric does supply a few more items, since the interface to read the battery monitor is one item per access, I limited the data that I am showing

While the Pentametric provides the data that is useful in monitoring my system, I happened to have a Tristar 60-amp MPPT controller by Morningstar. This controller has both a serial interface and an Ethernet connection and provides a MODBUS protocol to interface the data. This is the same data that you can acquire with Morningstar’s MSView program.

The Solar Charger page has a subpanel for MPPT data or Daily Fields, there is also a button for resetting the resettable options.

Moving on to heart of the system is Monitoring Panel, it is a combination of data gathered on the other screens and other information pertaining to my rig. The Systems Monitor is mostly Phidget based, providing temperature data, tank level monitoring, and some digital switches and indicators. There are three options on the System monitor,
• House Monitor displays some pertinent data from the Battery Monitor such as voltage. SOC, Amps, Amp Hours, and Amp Hours (total) , Two additional data point are Fridge Current and Duty Cycle
• The Fridge Current and Duty Cycle is measuring current being used by the Isotherm Elegance 130 refrigerator, the Duty cycle gives you a percentage that it is on versus off,

• Inverter monitor displays Inverter Status, DC Volts, DC Amps, AC Amps In, AC Volts(RMS), AC Amps Out, and AC Hz.

• Solar monitor displays Solar Status, Array Current, Array Voltage, Array Power, Voltage, Current and Amp Hrs.
All the switches are along the bottom, these should work the same as the similar hardwired switch in the van. The top shows off various indicators, some of these may be driven by the switches below, or by other software indicators.

Moving to the Magnum Inverter, we find a RS485 interface. I found a Protocol document on the web that provided information for accessing the data that is sent from the Magnum devices. The Magnum interface is read only at this time. The Magnum data is constantly broadcast across the serial bus to and from the items hooked up on the bus. In this case it is the Inverter/charger, BMK and Remote. If I had a Magnum Automatic Generator Start module installed, I could also capture that data.

The Inverter/charger data is display on one panel, with a button to access the Magnum Remote.

The Fifth page is the Tire Pressure Monitor page. My Van is a 2004, and I use an aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system. The Pressure Pro system reports tire pressure, and temperature.

There are two options on this page, the first “Offset” this page displays what the offset is to the preset pressure setting. This a good page to look at when wanting to see the change in pressure do to outside temperature as well as pressure rise while driving.

The second option is setpoint, this shows the sensor serial numbers, and what the setpoint is.

The sixth page lands us on manuals. This is a simple page that gives us access to various documents that are in PDF format, and then displayed using the built in PDF viewer.

I'll start to add more details in the coming weeks.
thanks for checking it out.

2004 E350 EB V10 E/PH 2WD
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With all this data logging, can you also set thresholds and corresponding alarms?


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I am humbled. Amazing work. Should be a commercial product (especially for fleet/trucking managers).
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Dang Greg!! That's awesome!
Tim - 2013 EB V10 Agile 4x4 SMB PH Ginger Army All Terrain Mobile HQ
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Sweet. You have a great skill set.
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Subscribed to thread. Outstanding system !!
Would love to install it on my vintage motorhome (1973 GMC).
Thanks for the work and for sharing it.

Steve W
Southern California
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So... when will you have a kit with options for sale?
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And had three other E350s...
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Im constantly amazed by the knowledge & talent people have...this is definitely interesting and impressive. Looking forward to your updates.
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Is there a partnership with MG Metalworks in the future?

SMB-less as of 02/04/2012. Our savings account is richer, but our adventures are poorer.
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That's really cool Greg. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to learn more.


Currently vanless. Weird.
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