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RB v EB continued

I read the other posts on this. In my case, I will likely be the only user of the SMB. I would prefer to buy used, though it seems difficult to find used ones equipped the way I want (pretty much loaded). There does not seem to be much price difference between EB and RB.

My concern is everyday driveablility and parking both in town and on the open road. Under one option I am considering, it may be a daily driver. I plan to go with a garageable F 250. Same, different, just need to get used to it?


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the EB is nice for the space and would not be a problem when out in the country/burbs/open road.
the EB to me is a PITA when looking for a 'free' or metered parallel street parking space in urban environments, namely philadelphia, new york city, boston, san franciso, washington dc, etc, and in costal/beach community along the eastern shore
and some 'dang' parking lot in NYC charge me a premium for the EB albeit it still fits in a regular parking space...
also, if you plan to tow or carry a heavy load off the hitch in the rear, the EB can likely cause front end lift...
i do like the space of the EB, however, my next unit would be in a RB
i guess it really boils down to where you do the bulk of your daily driving and ability to deal with the EB

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The problem I had was parking on my pad at home. I have the trojan bumpers and I barely have enough room to walk around the back (I always back into my house) without the front bumper hanging over the sidewalk. Parking in typical lots has not given me too much trouble, but with the bumpers the van does stick out in some spots. I actually have more issues with height, so no more drive throughs and it will not fit in my garage. As far as driving, you probably won't see to much of a difference and really is no different than a long bed 4 door pickup. Its a good idea to get used to backing with mirrors and I find it's a best to back into parking lots so when you drive out so you're not backing blind. Some places it's against the law so I am looking for a alarm that indicates someone is behind me. Back up cameras are cool but if you're distracted looking at something other than the camera it may be too late. There are many blind spots on these vans. If you do get a EB 4x4 and plan any off roading it might be wise to get a EB-350 for the frame support.
Dave Boyer
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Our EB van is nearly the same length as our Reg Cab Longbed pickup. The RB is a foot and a half shorter while the wheelbase is the same (Ford).

I've only had parking issues when I've been pulling our SMB trailer. Otherwise, it fits in standard space - just like the pickup.

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My vote is EB for 2WD and casual 4WD.

Parking is rough for any full size

For towing an EB, I'd get the longer wheelbase GM van

You can always supplement a RB with a small trailer for extended trips. Also handy to store your camping gear when not camping
Thanks, Marty

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If you're the only driver, IMO the RB is just fine. We have two in our RB, and it's fine, although there are certainly trips where we wish we had more room when parked. Note that's "when parked," not "when parking..."

I would not want to park an EB anywhere.
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Having driven vans most of my adult life, I don't find the EB to be that much of drawback. Now I don't have 4WD so I don't have concerns about that. I do have two kids and a dog, so every extra inch is welcome space. When looking for places to park, you use the golden rule, take a spot that you can pull trough, or back in when you arrive, not when you are going to leave. As with a lot of decisions you have to make about one of these, there is no clear cut answer, a lot comes down to personal choice.

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My two cents on EB vs. RB.

I had a 98 E350 2WD regular length van with a V10 until I got my 07 E350 4x4 extended also with the V10.

If I ordered a new one today I would get the regular length. Why? The additional space is the only reason to buy an extended van. I love the space, yes. But it handles different, it can get hug up on obstacles, even small ones. Forget about backing up something with a steep approach. It makes tight u-turns on dirt roads more difficult. It in fact severly limits the inherent 4x4 capabilities of the van. Approach and departure angles are critical dimensions. They count.

Starting at about 1:45 into this video on YouTube, tell me this red Ford could do this simple climb with an extended van. An extended van would have to be pulled out. Sure sometimes there's another way to go but often there isn't.

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RB vs EB Performance

We have found that our 2002 Quigley EB is capable of as much as we are, including Elephant Hill in Moab (long story during Jeep Safari). If I was tackling such terrain all the time, I would go with an RB as well, but don't underestimate the abilities of these vehicles, even with a last generation 4x4. The extra room is nice for extended camping/gear like photography etc. Plus more room for stuff under van (batteries, compressor, etc). All a trade off.
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[quote="j.whitbread"] tell me this red Ford could do this simple climb with an extended van. An extended van would have to be pulled out.

It didn't look like such a simple climb for a few of those "non extended" vehicles that had to be pulled out. Hopefully common sense would prevail before even attempting that with an EB.

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