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What do you cook - with recipes if poss.


I was wondering what everyone cooked when camping? On the cooker/stove or on the BBQ...

I would like to have some ideas so that Mrs Saabman can relax some of the time when on trips

If you can give the recipes too it would be wonderful


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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

Mrs. Wilson preps alot of food and puts in plastic boxes
They are either pre cooked or ready to cook

We can cram alot in our 4.2 cu ft Truck fridge this way
We also load up the freezer, usually meat and ice cream

Full disclosure:

As my wife is Thai, we eat virtually 100% Thai food
which really lends itself to this.
Un cooked but sliced and diced and pre cooked work this way.

Alot of stuff merly gets microwaved and ready to eat

Pre packing meals would work for Gringo food also

Our Truckfridge will feed us for 5 days this way

As for recipes, i have no clue
what i DO know is my Wifes Panang vs. what we had at an expensive resturant last nite...
Mrs. Wilsons clearly wins
I am a Lucky man

We use the Volcano grill, coleman propane stove,the built in propane and microwave

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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

Refried beans are a favorite, or eggs for breakfast. I don't really ever cook by recipe when camping (nor at home). We used to have a coleman grill/griddle with a 3rd burner that was great for veggie burgers and sausage, but all that stuff is wheat and I can't eat it anymore. Now most of the meals are single burner skillet meals, although I've been carrying a 3 burner coleman and will now be using dual single butane stoves (for things like spaghetti and sauce).

Cold sandwiches are great for lunch- especially on the road so you don't have to bust out the cooking gear.

Otherwise we do pretty much everything we do at home, which actually includes cold sandwiches for lunch as a regular thing. Simple is best- like I said most meals are one skillet, or one pot, but occasionally we have the vegetarian equivalent of turkey in the skillet, mashed potatoes (from a box) and green beans, which taxes my cooking equipment in both the stove and pot categories.

But usually it's one pot- like for breakfast I'll slice pre-made biscuits (gluten free of course for me..) and heat them in the skillet, get them golden brown and hot then remove them, lay cheese on them and then scramble some eggs in the same already hot skillet. Put it all together and volia biscuit sandwich. If I ate meat I'd add sausage or canadian bacon and cook it next to the biscuits and then the eggs, so it gets fully cooked but it's all still one skillet.

Very little of my food lends itself to campfire cooking, but throwing some baked potatoes in coals for an hour or using a camp grill to cook burgers, steaks or even chicken I would think would be a nice respite from dishes.

Simple stuff, and mostly done without recipies but since you asked:

Serves two:
2 Tofu Pups gluten free vegetarian hot dogs shaped food substitute
2 hot dog sticks (double stick can be substutited)
2 Gluten Free hot dog buns
2 slices cheese

Place hotdogs on stick and rotate over fire until blackened beyond recognition. Bonus points for catching them on fire like a marshmallow.

Place slice of cheese in open bun and use like a hotpad to remove dog from stick.

Cover in ketchup and mustard to try to mask the burnt flavor.

and then
everything changed
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

I've never 'cooked' in my SMB, yet have gourmet meals regularly. I buy premade dishes at the deli counters of good quality markets and Trader Joes and simply reheat in the micro. Pasta , seafood, vegetable and potato dishes, and salads, already made. I just keep it all in the fridge. Often I'll slice up ingredients for burritos and assemble them fresh. I've never used my little stove in over 2.5 years.
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

I still have a backpacker mentality for most of our cooked meals in the Sportsmobile. This means a lot of pre-prepped food before heading out. We do not have a microwave, so either a grill or our small stove is our means of cooking...and works great. Couscous is still one of our favorites, just add some chopped meat and/or vegetables and it's a perfect meal. Pasta is always easy. Grilled sandwiches never get old. I'll also cook a "fajita" type meal which is sauteed or grilled pollo asada (chicken) along with onions and peppers with a side of rice (Lipton flavored packets) or beans, tortillas, and shredded cheese. I always try to cook outside of the van due to space, but mainly because I enjoy being outdoors.
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

similar post
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

We don't eat much for breakfast although my wife might have cereal. Rather than regular milk, we take lactose free tastes like regular mike but will last for weeks . Lunch on the road is often wraps using tortillas...they last longer than bread and store easier. A package of prepared chicken strips and a package of Ceasar salad mix will make several wraps Chicken Ceasar wraps. Dinner might be BBQ something and a salad....easy stuff, no additional ingredients.
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

We cook with a George Forman grill, a Crock Pot, and an Xpress Redi Set Go, ... And the microwave so the recipes are almost limit-less. Just like at home.
Greg in Austin
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

When ordering the grill did you get the Neckline Slimmer and Gnome also??
(Jethro only got the Gnome)

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Gtxpress 101 by none
2.9 out of 5 stars (29)
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Re: What do you cook - with recipes if poss.

I use a 10" cast iron Dutch oven for evening meals. It's great for stews, chili, and makes a great chicken fryer. You can even bake pizza in one. There's a lot of information on the web about Dutch oven cooking.

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