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Thanks everyone. I love their product and I'm glad that they are busy. I wish them the best. It isn't going to stop me from doing business with them. While it's unfortunate that they don't have the ability to be responsive, they surely have a desirable product. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and knowledge. I'm just happy to know that I wasn't the black sheep. I'm just one of the sheep. Either way I'm glad to have this room as a resource to answer my questions when the folks I'd hoped to at CCV didn't have a chance yet.

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I've got a CCV top also, love it, and agree with these posts. Derek and company are swamped and lacking in customer service in terms of responsiveness but great when you can catch them.

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Colorado Camper Van ... questionable customer svc??

Originally Posted by mikracer View Post
Based on the prices listed on their website, they've already raised prices quite a bit.
I just ain't kidding!! Almost doubled from the original prices several years ago when we had ours installed. That's probably a good thing, and certainly needed to properly cover overhead and the added features that are now standard-Arctic insulation, vent fan and USB outlets. The raised prices are certainly not discouraging people from showing up, I was up there a few weeks ago and the place was packed with vans in all stages of completion.

I will concur, that the customer service aspect of the business is struggling to keep up with the demand of the product, especially since Matt has left. Amber is doing her best to get up to speed with the needs of customers.
That being said, and not to let them off the hook or to call anyone out, but the prices along with standard options are clearly listed on the website. If anyone is emailing or calling just to get a quote on the top and what options are standard and included, your inquiries may just go unanswered. If there are specific options you want to add and receive a quote on those extras or to schedule an appointment for work, then by all means, they should and most likely will get back to you.

I can say, I have not heard of anyone showing up once on the schedule to be disappointed in customer service or to be turned away. So far, Derek has been available in person to discuss specifics of your build and any additional options you may want to add. I understand it is a big chunk of change for people to drop, and along with spending that kind of money comes a certain level of excitement and anxiety and the need to have lots of questions answered, something they clearly aren't very good at or don't have the time to do by phone or by email.

I am another satisfied customer, if you can deal with the less than stellar phone or email correspondence, I'm fairly confidant you will not be disappointed in the end product, let's not forget, that's really what we're paying for......
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I get it and I am with ya.. great product, best in offerings worst in communication. Im sure I wont be dissapointed in the product. I just want to be in line to get said product.

Just to clarify. I have been to the site and there is not a FAQ section, nor do I see any pricing section where it shows what is included as standard options in the standard install and what I may need to consider adding on as a priced option. The cost of 12,800 is there but when you click on options it only takes you to a page of photos of differing vans and not a PDF of actual options like Fan, Paint Match, USB, Arctic Canvas, Solar, Racks, ets.. dont see any list with costs for standard and optional equipment and labor to install said options.
This is all that I see. Is all of this standard?

Pop-top w/ arctic canvas kit (insulation)
Vent fan w/ remote
Paint match
Yakima tracks roof rails​
Dual capacity battery system
Pop-top USB port

I simply want to get on the schedule for an install. I was back and forth with someone named Amber trying to get clarifications on what is standard and she asked me if I wanted paint match, racks, or solar or a fan, to consider for add ons and that confused me even more as to what was included. this was via email but quickly she fell off the map and never responded with any clarification. Since then I have called and left one message, then called on a few other occasions and not left message when vmx picks up, I have also sent several additional follow up messages to Amber @ the info mailbox looking for this basic info. Once every few days, not every day annoying email guy. I hope...

Maybe I should just go work for them in trade for a top. I can clean up this lack of responsiveness immediately, and get a top.... Anyway. I just left my second actual message and am hopeful that I will hear back, until then I will call a few times a day at varying times until I am lucky enough to get someone live whom surely by all accounts on this board will be what I need.... I just want to get a date and get this thing on the schedule. The options are secondary at this point.
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I certainly hope that they are more responsive when it comes to post install customer support.

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I hear ya. I called numerous times have not ever been lucky enough to get a live person or a return call.
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@Darkstar: Yes, I hope you or somebody else will go work for them and clear up this customer service mess. There are leagues of us waiting to get on their schedule but they wouldn't even know because they're not answering the phone! Geez, somebody save them from themselves. I'm pretty wary of putting down money with someone that won't answer my questions, few though they may be.

This kind of responsiveness could be ok if this was some kind of mom and pop store. But, at this point, CCV is THE major competitor to SMB. Dudes, hire somebody to answer the phone and answer our questions, please.
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Double plus agree on all the points made above.

Darkstar, send me a PM with an email address and I'm happy to share my invoice with you. I'm getting all the stuff you're asking about. When I worked with Matt he basically did just that -- emailed me a PDF of an example invoice.

(I was just at the shop. They've cut a hole in my roof so I guess I'm *really* committed now. My top isn't installed yet though. Still hoping they meet my delivery date.)
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I'll reiterate that despite the bumpy road getting to the end, I think you'll be quite happy that you chose the path you did - we certainly are!
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"Maybe I should just go work for them in trade for a top. I can clean up this lack of responsiveness immediately, and get a top…."

This has crossed my mind more than once to help Derek and CCV go in the right direction. But knowing what I know… which I won't cover on a forum. I have passed on approaching Derek to make the needed changes and improvements. The loss of Dai and Matt really hurt CCV in my opinion. A new guy came on in Matt's place, he didn't last long and left in frustration. Now there is someone new Amy/Amber?? something like that...

They have a great product, Derek is a great guy, but that being said there have been plenty of people who have had buyers remorse due to the lack of attention during the build process and after completion. I've personally talked to them at our local meet ups...

Knowing what you know this shouldn't be and issue since you are going in with eye's wide open on how things work at CCV. Wishing you the best on your purchase and getting in line to get your top.

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