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When I bought my E350 4x4 new back in 2007, I asked the same question. Gas or Diesel? I've never been a fan of diesel because they're loud, stinky, and slow. However, I ended up going with diesel because of pulling power (torque) and fuel mileage. Plus, they live longer. A loaded 4x4 E350 Sportsmobile runs about 8000-9000 pounds. I also put the Edge performance computer chip it. I have been totally satisfied with this setup. I was blown away when I had cruise control set to 70 mph going up the grapevine and not only did it not have problems going up, it never downshifted! The stories I'm hearing here about the reliability on the 6.0 diesel, well, I haven't had them. The only problem I ever had was the turbo wastegate getting stuck open, it was fixed under warranty and has been flawless since. Back to choosing diesel over gas, I knew for me that if I picked the v10, mileage would be around 10mph and with that kind of mileage I would find myself not driving it as much as I wanted because it cost too much in gas. I have been averaging about 14-15 mpg with my diesel (I expected 18-20). I talked to Alan (owner of Sportsmobile in Fresno) about the mileage and he said those that get 18-20 are lighter vans, no 4x4, smaller tires, etc.

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Thanks for all of the reply's. Everyone had valid reasons for both diesel and gas. still not sure which way im going to go but ill keep you all posted as i'm sure I will have more questions.

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I went with the 6.0 ...

I went with the 2008 6.0 diesel (90k miles). Only time will tell if I've done the right thing.
So far I've only driven it the 1200 miles Queens NY - home in Florida.
Now in process of 4x4 conversion, 6" lift on to 35's.
Time will tell.
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I did Baja back in 2010 from my home to Cabo and back in my 2002 7.3 with 4.10. Average was 16-18 285 x16's full length rack with boards and cargo! I love the 7.3 I would love to have a Cummings even a 4bt but not a 6.0! Too many stories on the 6.0 from my friends at Ford. If you have not had problems without doing any up grades, consider yourself the next winning candidate for the lottery. The 6.0, tuned and upgraded properly is magnificent, BUT you need to throw money at it on top of paying more for the van. As I said every ones luck is different and how you drive it has a lot to do with it! Keep your EGT's down in the 1000 or less, but hen the exhaust wants clog! As far as 7.3 being sluggish never seen it never experienced it even without the intercooler. You will get alot of biased opinions and sometimes that just muddies the water. V10 are great till they throw a plug same as 5.4's. Just recently I blew a plug in my 5.4 pickup $250.00 for one plug at my super discounted price! Again just as I said LUCK. All the maintenance in the world is not going to stop a plug from blowing when it does. You can torque them every 300-500 miles or not and maybe that will save it but who wants to do that! older generation Diesels are third world motors design for long hours hard work and endless miles that is what I want in the backcountry. If your sticking to weekend trips on asphalt then go gas or 6.0 but you will spend money on gas or upgrades!
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We are doing a transafrica trip with our 7.3 Powerstroke. Up to now 85000 km (around 55000 mls) only in africa with sometimes extremly bad diesel, lots of idling or very slow driving as the roads are no roads most time. But also hard acceleration in deep sand and mud. The rig is with 11500 lbs very heavy.

We are very happy with that engine. MPG is 16 in average with a gas engine would be half in that contitions. Except oilchange we only changed the fuel filter once (racor pre filter is installed). Never had an issue with the engine except a broken wire of the alternator.
I think it is not cheap to buy a diesel in the beginning but long term wise it is woth every cent you have to invest in the beginning. If you have longer trips you will spend a lot of money in fuel and with a gas engine it emty your pocket even faster
A big thing for us also is the range. With a gas engine you are limited very much. We never would be able to travel in remote areas here with ours without a range of less than 500mls off road. That means 1000mls on road.
The best thing we ever did.....buying a Sportsmobile with the 7.3
greatings from africa
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Very Very Nice. My wife has been to So. Africa on Safari enjoyed it tremendously! The nice thing about it is compared to the Land Rovers it will just look like an Elephant coming up the trail! Cheers enjoy!

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