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Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag - CY 2013

CY 2013 Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit (DEVKit) / Bug Out Bag (BOB)


I have compiled 2 lists in two threads – One is a Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag list and the other is an SMB Road Trip Repair Items/Tools (RIT) list.

The lists reflect my attempt to plan for an event of unknown severity and duration, an event which may never happen. However, assumptions must be made and a budget established.

The Road Trip Repair Items/Tools (RIT) list details the items/tools I carry in the SMB for a road trip. It is meant for emergency, breakdown, repair or maintenance while on and off road. See the 2013 Road Trip Repair Items/Tools thread for more info and greater background detail.

This DEVKit, or BOB is based on the premise that I spend most of my time near my home and work. Most of my driving during the week is within 50 miles of home (usually 20) and on weekends within 100 miles at most. Therefore, it is most likely that an unexpected and serious emergency or disaster will occur during this time. Most likely it will be an urban/suburban environment with countryside possibilities too. It works well for expected disasters too, altho’ I would add items depending on the scenario.

The most likely natural disaster where I live is a major earthquake that causes massive devastation and a breakdown of civil order. Then again, it could be a massive traffic jam where I’m stuck for hours due to weather, fog or an accident. Or a weekend vehicle breakdown while sightseeing on an isolated back road. The point is preparation goes well with hope and a prayer.

And for longer trips such as several hundred miles I can add some water and food to the DEVKit and just GO.

So, those are some of the scenarios upon which I based the DEVKit / BOB.

Besides my SMB I have 4 other vehicles (2 for my kids) and all 5 have identical BOBs. However, bec the SMB also has Repair Items/Tools, some items in the RIT appear to be duplicated in the BOB (eg, duct tape, utility knife, gloves, etc). However, the lists are separate and should stand alone. You can decide where to keep your duct tape, gloves, etc, or to have duplicates.

Lastly, altho’ this is a non-recurring expense that most likely will never be used, I feel it is necessary and critical to have some kind of preparation kit in whatever vehicle I’m in. Of course, you can make one BOB and if you have multiple cars, just transfer to whichever you are driving that day. However, if you have multiple drivers and multiple vehicles, it is best to make a BOB for each vehicle.

Some personal criteria used in coming up with this DEVKit.
1. The DEVKit is based on a Bug Out Bag premise, where much or all of the contents of the Bag may have to travel with you if you need to abandon your vehicle.
2. I always have a daypack with me – I use it like a briefcase or a woman uses a purse. It can hold about 3L in volume. As such, my BOB is a bag bec I’m not going to wear 2 backpacks. I will have my backpack and the bag with shoulder strap slung over me when needed to keep my hands free. If you don’t have a backpack, then I suggest you use a backpack for your BOB.
3. I have a handgun and ammo in my BOB bec I’m preparing for an unknown emergency or disaster. There are pros and cons about keeping a handgun in your vehicle, obeying all state and local laws, of course. I am not comfortable doing it, however I have made that decision for now. It reflects my attempt to plan for an event of unknown severity and duration. I don’t know where I will be if and when it happens - I may be 5 miles or 50 miles from home, in the city or the country. (I live near San Jose, Calif, by the way). I may have to abandon my vehicle to make my way back home. I may be alone or with someone under my care. I may be in a chaotic and dangerous situation for any length of time and I plan on surviving. My kids DO NOT have a handgun in their BOB. I’m not going to get into it further but I consider the ability to defend a top priority. DO NOT HI-JACK THIS THREAD TO GUN CONTROL, PLEASE.

Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit (DEVKit) / Bug Out Bag (BOB)

In the car but not in the BOB:
1 flashlight, LED, 2 position (low, blinding), extra batteries (CR123 my choice)
1 set jumper cables
3 highway flares, 1 foldable Emergency Triangle
1 can 20 oz Fix a Flat Sealant,
tire gauge,
“star” lug wrench
1 gal red plastic gas can
1 tarp, reinforced grommets, 10’ x 18’
Smart Water 6 pack, 20 oz bottles – I like these bec they are strong plastic bottles each holding 20 oz each. If you bug out, you can carry them with you and reuse them time and time again.
1 pair hiking or running shoes / socks (used is fine) – if you are like me and drive around town in sandals, you better have a pair of shoes handy in an emergency/disaster
1 pair long pants, 1 long shirt, 1 warm/weatherproof jacket – prepare for an emergency and put some extra clothes in your closet to good use.

The BOB:
1 Eagle Creek “No Matter What” Duffle, size small – excellent bag that can be used for airplane carry on. It comes inside its own stuff sack. Look it up online. Whatever you choose, have a shoulder strap or a way to sling it over your chest so that your hands are free. I used the stuff sack (and the empty water bottle) to put items into in order to tighten up the organization of the bag..

1 flashlight, LED, 3 position (low, blinding, strobe), extra batteries (CR123 my choice), in outside zippered pocket

Hand gun, holster and ammo (see item 3 above)
1 Pepper Spray, Fox Labs Mk3 flip top cap, medium cone spray, 2oz, (non-lethal force)

Prescription meds – can you get by and be OK without them? For how long?

1 goggle, 3M chemical splash/impact
1 face mask, 3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator, in plastic protector shell
1 utility knife w/ sheath (non-serrated blade, SS) – Buck or Mora – something like that – good and not expensive

Assumption is you can easily survive for 6 days alone or 3 days if 2 ppl. Yes you will lose some weight - if you’re lucky ? ... I tried the spaghetti and it’s pretty good even cold. These foods have years of shelf life.
10 New Millennium Energy Bars, assorted flavors
6 spaghetti with meat sauce by Ameriqual Foods - military packages 8 oz each

1 Thermal Blanket, all purpose, 14 oz, 50” x 79”
1 poncho, military, waterproof with snap grommets. Can use as a ground cloth, pup tent, sleeping bag (lay flat, put thermal blanket on top, fold in half and snap together, tie off bottom end for a waterproof/windproof “mummy bag”). The grommets let you snap similar ponchos together to make a nice tent.
1 strap, ¾” x 2 ft, wrapped around poncho
4 shop rags (new)
1 hat
4 lightsticks, 6 inch, 30 minutes, green (yellow 2nd choice), CYALUME Technology
4 lightsticks, 6 inch, 12 hours, green (yellow 2nd choice), CYALUME Technology
I got the sticks online – the 30 min sticks from Extreme Glow. These are commercial grade and they also sell military issue. I got the 12 hour sticks from QuakeKare bec they had green, which is the best light. Extreme Glow is best website.

Inside the stuff sack:
1 Leatherman Multitool, Wingman
1 pair leather work gloves, deerskin
1 Aquamira water treatment kit, Chlorine Dioxide drops, 1 oz each
2 Kleenix packages, purse size
1 Cottonelle Wipes package, qty 84
4 pairs Nitrile gloves
Paracord, 50 ft
1 tube advanced healing hand lotion, 3 oz
1 electrical tape
1 duct tape
1 33 gal plastic trash bag (good for waterproofing)
1 pants belt, lightweight heavy duty nylon, adjustable slider
1 caribiner, Metolius, climbing quality
2 bungee cords, 2 sizes

1 Nalgene water bottle, 1 liter, wide mouth – metal is good too bec you can heat water in it. I like Nalgene and it’s see-through.
Inside the empty bottle:
1 bandanna
1 Spork (spoon and fork)
1 bottle Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap, 2 oz, peppermint – you can use this for everything – teeth, body, dishes. It’s concentrated too.
1 whistle
1 toothbrush, travel
1 toothpaste, travel
1 dental floss
8 eyedrops, Alcon Tears Natural Free, individual tubes
1 lighter, Bic
1 UCO Stormproof matches, qty 25, in container (save these matches - are excellent for storms!!)
1 box waterproof matches, small, 25

First Aid Kit
1 bag – big enough to hold the light sticks would be good, so they don’t get crushed in the BOB
1 roll gauze, 2”
1 triangular bandage, muslin, 2 safety pins, 37”x37”x52”
1 Ace elastic bandage, 3M, with clasps, latex free
One prescription plastic container, screw top lid, with the following:
6 Benydryl tablets, 4 anti-diarrheal tablets, 2 smelling salt capsules, 3 safety pins

Ibuprofen, 200 mg, 1 bottle of 24
Waterproof tape, heavy duty, ½” x 5 yds, Johnson&Johnson
1 scissors, medical
Betadine antiseptic – 10% Povidone-Iodine, 2 oz squeeze bottle (make it yourself)
Tweezers, precision type, for ticks/splinters
4 alcohol prep pads, TRIAD
4 antiseptic Povidone-Iodine prep pads, PDI
1 syringe, 10 ml, irrigation
1 first aid cream, tube 0.5 oz
1 Aquaphor, lip ointment, tube 10g

Non-adhesive gauze pads:
Eyepads, 1 5/8 x 2 5/8 in, 2
5” x 9” surgical dressing, 1
4” x 4”, 2
3” x 4”, 2
3” x 3”, 4
2” x 2”, 4

Adhesive bandages:
3” x 4”, 2
1.5” x 4”, 2
1” x 3”, 4
3/4” x 3”, 5
Butterfly, 3
Knuckle, 2
Finger, 2
Round small, 4

Wound Closure Strips, ¼ in by 4 in, 10
Hemostat Gauze, Blood Barrier, 1” x 1”, 2



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Re: Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag - CY 2013

thank you buddy!
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Re: Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag - CY 2013

A number of similar threads already exist.





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Re: Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag - CY 2013

I'd never put down what anybody chooses for a BOB and I think each person would tweak their setup on a list of different personal factors. I don't know what you need because I don't know you or what your families needs. Myself I figure that because I've survived in the backcountry for an extended period of time while backpacking, my setup would be based on that and normal stuff in the van would supplement for other things. Today I'm fatter and older than my packing days so that is another factor for me. Because of this there is a point of overkill in what I'd pack but on the other hand as a minimalist going out with a bowie knife and a lighter also seems a bit unreal especially at my skill level.

What about clothing, can it handle various temperatures? Is it camouflage or bright colored...that matters if you want to be found or if you need stealthy solutions to keep from being found. Many mountain men carried a large magnifying glass that was invaluable and although their weapons provided a huge advantage, they also had the knowledge on how to harvest the area they lived in to survive on their own w/o the need of man made stuff. I would have to carry a book on eatable plants and have good enough hunting skills to survive a long period of time. By myself I doubt I would last long. People have relied on each other by living in packs, so do you have a list of others to rendezvous at a specific area to form a tight group? I would need help.
In the real world I figure the chance of a total breakdown would be rare so my BOB would be based on surviving for a short period of time and being found rather than hiding from people. Still camouflage makes sense and having a stealthy footprint could be a lifesaver if bad sh-- goes down.

BTW, not to veer into a gun debate but you might think about dissembling your gun when packing it. If it’s a 50 state compliant weapon, provided it’s taken apart it generally poses no threat to an LEO…well except in Illinois I guess.
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Re: Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag - CY 2013

Oh what the heck... Always a worthwhile topic. Couple of thoughts:

1. I would consider keeping the handgun in a vehicle mounted safe for a few reasons. First, if someone breaks into your vehicle and snatches your BOB, you might be lucky enough to keep your gun. Second, keeping it in a locked container will meet the legal requirements of many locations. Finally, a layer of protection against family/friends that don't need/shouldn't have access to your gun.

2. If the thermal blanket is includes as a tool to keep you warm, you should practice. My experience is that they are nearly worthless.

3. I wouldn't hold back on the utility knife. It may be the most useful thing on the list and you will want one that can handle significant abuse when you use it for things you never would have thought about using a knife for.

4. Spaghetti is a good choice if you are going to go with the pre-packaged food route. Easily the most consistent, best tasting of the options. Don't forget the Tabasco...

5. I would have a plan for where to keep the contents of the Nalgene in the case you need to put water there...

6. REI has good options for water filtration that will screw onto and pump directly into the Nalgene. Again, practice with the Aquamira water treatment kit. I did, and immediately started looking for better options. It will do in a pinch, but I would much rather have a good, small filter capability.

Finally, here's to using our Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kits/Bug Out Bags for camping trips and never needing them for disasters/emergencies/bugging out!
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Re: Disaster/Emergency Vehicle Kit / Bug Out Bag - CY 2013

TwoVans, DaveB ... all good points ...

And Tabasco - EXCELLENT!! - I forgot!

This kit is mainly about carrying something around with you on a daily basis as you commute to and fro in an urban or populated environment. Most of the country lives in this type of environment – urban or suburban population centers. It’s geared to make life easier and/or safer for 1 person (mask, goggle, knife, etc) for a short duration (few days at most) but can definitely help more than 1 person in an emergency. Or if you travel several hundred miles down the major Interstate in your state to visit family – it’s nice to have something already in place besides a bag of Fritos, a soda and some luggage.

A wilderness oriented kit would most definitely be different.

Mainly it gets you thinking and another person will decide it must be a two person kit, or it should be for 8 days, etc etc.

I think making a list of specific items is the most helpful of all bec it takes so much time .. if someone already did the work (me) then another person can springboard from there a whole lot easier than starting from scratch.

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