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What tools, equipment do you carry?

I'm curious to know what off-roaders carry in the way of spare tools, parts, jacks, etc. I carry a basic tool kit, extra hoses, clamps, belts, fuel filter, oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc. I have a Warn winch and for a jack I only have the stock Ford jack.
Mike S

1995 Ford EB Quigley 4x4
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

Shovel (sometimes 2), fuel, 2 sets of tire chains, tow-strap/tree saver, Shackles, breaker bar, basic socket set.

Also have a warn winch (12k) and carry the ford jack.

2000 E450 dually V10 wagon
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

I don't know about Ford but the Chevy has Torx bolts all around so I take a Torx socket set as well as the usual stuff
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

Someone asked the same question on the Yahoo list a few years ago and I made up the following list:

In the driver’s side door compartment:
Digital tire gauge, tire kit (extra valve stems, extra tire valve covers, manual tire deflators), deflator w/gauge, spare fuses

Under the driver’s seat:
Socket wrench with special sockets for Maxitool and High-Lift jack locks (mounted on front bumper), ratchet-type pruning shears (for overhanging branches and brush), highway flares, coiled air hose, inflator w/gauge for air compressor (mounted under the van)

Around the 4WD shift lever:
Roll duct tape

On a lift-out shelf over the inverter:
2x4 boards for tire jack, tire patch kit, spare serpentine belt, spare gas filter, radiator hose/heater hose repair kit, spare radiator hose clamps

Directly behind the sofa:
Sand anchor, tow strap, Warn winch accessories, “star” lug wrench, tire bead breaker tool and spoons, Maxitool attachments (shovel, pick, etc.)

In storage unit near the ceiling at the right rear:
Plastic box with spare AA and AAA batteries, spare reading light bulbs, other miscellaneous items

Clipped to the rear panels of the storage unit:
Leather work gloves, fold-up saw for larger logs

Under the hanging closet:
Tire bottle jack, canvas tool bag (with screw driver set with small sockets and different tips, small sledge hammer, standard pliers, needle nose pliers, Channel Lock pliers, strap wrench, folding saw, Crescent wrenches [6”, 8”, and 10”], side cutters/wire cutters, screw drivers [very small, small, medium, large, and Phillips in 2 sizes], cold chisel, combination wrenches [1/4” to 11/16”], box cutter, Allen wrench assortment, WD-40, electrical tape, electrical ties in various sizes, roll of baling wire, door lubricant, socket set, socket for water heater anode, shop rags, hand cleaner, mechanic’s gloves, spare lug nuts, Rescue Tape (self-fusing silicone repair tape), ratchet strap (can also be used to get a tire back on the bead), spare fuses, radiator sealant); torque wrench with lug nut socket and 6” socket extension, collapsible backpack vinyl bucket
'01 Ford EB50p Quigley 4WD
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

Very nice list
What's a sand anchor?
Open the pod bay doors Hal.

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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

I winch without a nearby tree isn't much good. The solution is a sand anchor:

I've never had to use it nor tried it. But back in the early days of the Sportsmobile Rallys (while we were waiting for ours to be built), there was a fellow who video taped the Rallys and sold tapes of them. During the Sportsmobile Rally in Baja, they did a demonstration of how to use a sand anchor. Start by first driving into some deep sand in 4WD, shift into 2WD and dig in. Then shift into 4WD and try to get out without airing down. To use the sand anchor, you pull out the winch cable, hook it to the sand anchor and then winch in the anchor while the anchor digs in. Once it digs in enough, you can pull yourself out. Using a sand anchor is much easier than digging a hole and burying your spare tire deep enough to least it so seems to me.
'01 Ford EB50p Quigley 4WD
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

Originally Posted by yvrr
I winch without a nearby tree isn't much good. The solution is a sand anchor:
I have to disagree (although the pull pal looks pretty cool.) I got stuck a couple of days ago in Oregon Dunes National Monument at night while trying to find a better camp spot. There wasn't a tree in site but there was a bunch of drift wood. I buried a piece of driftwood about 6 feet long and 10 inches in diameter 2 feet in the sand and wrapped my winch cable around it. Then I decided to air down. That was enough to pull me out and it olnly took me an hour. I'll post some pics soon.

I carry a complete Kobalt tool box that weighs about 50 pounds. It has every tool, hose, clamp, gorilla glue, duct tape, nuts, bolts, etc. I need in it so it might be a bit of overkill. 2 spare Wix filters just in case the Amsoil filters get punctured because they are mounted underneath. An extra serpentine belt, extra air filters and fuel filters. Also, a shovel and Axe. I had never used the shovel until a few days ago but damn I was glad I had it.
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1982 Mercedes 300D. WVO, SVO and Biodiesel for the last 30,000 + miles. (my 600 mile a week commuter).
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

While it's not what you're referring to as a "tool," you really shouldn't be caught anywhere without: ... 1885071000

It's super, super small. And super useful. For instance the first review on reads:

"Pocket Ref is one sweet book. It is part encyclopedia, part trivia tome, part entertainment and part dispute-solver. Buried in the various tables and charts are tons of data and facts to aid the rider, roadside mechanic or budding MacGyver.

Let's say you are riding in Colorado, and want to know how much to re-jet. You simply go to the chapter on air & gases (p. 13) and learn that air pressure @ 10,000 ft is approx. 70% of mean standard air pressure.

Lose your owner's manual? In Chapter 2 (p. 25) you can find a torque level to safely reinstall 12mm spark plugs in an aluminum head (18-22 ft-lbs.) Settle that tavern bet over the codes on your tire sidewalls (p. 31)

Wondering how thick the wire should be to run your new electric vest? Look in Chapter 6.

What do you suppose the weather is like in Maine in September? Will you need warm weather gear? (p. 162)

This book has everything. Wind Chill tables, Heat Index data, an entire chapter that cross-references SAE, Metric and even Whitworth hardware. Listings of those formulas you've forgotten from High School.

Several Chapters apply to the off-season mechanic or machinist. Drill sizing; counter-sinking; metal properties & hardness; welding data and taps and dies. Granted there are more complete machining books, but if you are at the store and are blanking on a spec, the Pocket Ref may save you a return trip.

Oh sure, you can get most of this information off of the internet. But out in Hooterville at O-dark-thirty, you may be able to find your answer before your alpha-geek friend has even accessed the 'net.

Author Thomas Glover has compiled tons of data onto 544 pages into this little, 5 1/4" X 3 1/4" book. Tankbag?!? Hell - this thing fits into your jacket! Available from better hardware stores, booksellers or the publisher."
2006 RB50 6.0 Diesel
Flatplate water heater (mounted INSIDE), portable butane stove (no propane)
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

We do not off road

Under the driver seat:
1. good set of jumper cables 12 feet(?)
2. socket set
3. tool box w spare fuses, hose clamps, light bulbs, screw driver w dozen various tips, pliers, wire cutters, knife, multi tool, electrical tape, volt meter
4. claw and ball peen hammers

Side door compartments:
1. Good duct tape - Gorilla brand
2. spare idler pulley and serpentine belt
3. spare head lamp bulb
4. AA and AAA batteries
5. small role of wire (50 foot ?)
6. schematic of my electrical wire
7. couple pairs of leather gloves
8. axe and saw
9. 50 feet of parashoot cord
Len & Joanne

The Green TARDIS
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Re: What tools, equipment do you carry?

I'm no roadside mechanic, but I do try and go prepared.

In no particular order:

Garmin C60 GPS with dash mount
Small roll-up solar panel for charging
Lots of AAA and AA batteries
2-4 Motorola FRS radios
1 Iridium sat phone and charger
At least 3 flashlights (1 maglight and 2 Fenix LD20s)
Two headlamps
Air hose and fittings for extreme air
2 30a extension cords
1 shore power cable
Heavy duty jumper cables
4-6 heavy duty motorcycle tie downs
4-6 bungee cords of various sizes
2 Leatherman multi tools
1 3/8 inch ratchet set with metric and standard sizing
Assorted wrenches
Assorted allen and torx keys
1 large set of vise grips
1 small set of vise grips
1 large crescent wrench
1 small crescent wrench
Can WD40
Can 3 in 1 oil
JB weld
Bunch of circle clamps
Bunch of spare fuses
1 pair motorcycle goggles
1 pair canvass overalls
2 pair mechanix work gloves
1 large 10"x12" block of wood
2 large jack stands
1 8 ton bottle jack
1 4-way lug nut bar
1 Safety Seal truck tire repair kit
2 rolls heavy duty duct tape
1 large ARB tow strap
2-3 gallons water
Honda EU2000 generator
5 gal spare diesel and another empty 5gal scepter can
5gal empty scepter water can
Several sleeping bags, one tent and assorted camping gear
1 large Adventure Medical kit
Lots of SPF 30-50 sunblock and insect repellent

Dang, no wonder my SMB is such a heavyweight. I try and keep the van 'ready to go' at all times, both for camping opportunities and in case we need to leave town in a hurry.

Of course my only 'oh crap' situation on a trip was getting stuck in heavy clay/mud and I don't have a winch or pullpal. That was an expensive, but fortunately easy, extraction.


2006 SMB 4x4, EB-51, 6.0psd
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