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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

Thanks Mike.
I'll check out the thread.

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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

On the subject of 4wd systems:

All our vans are part-time 4wd - that is they can only be used part-time on pavement. The front and rear driveshafts are linked and turn the same speed in 4wd. Since there are variations in tire size, not all tires take the same path around a corner, etc. not all the tires will travel the same distance with the same driveshaft input. So, something has to give. Generally that is tire slip, at least off road or in slippery conditions. On dry pavement the difference in speeds will buildup in the driveshafts and gears and axles until something gives. It could be a tire bounces over a bump or an axle breaks. Our vans also have a 2 speed transfer case. The extra low gear in the transfer case is for low speed maneuvering when off road (not like you see in pickup commercials). The extra low gear gives you more torque to get over obstacles and better control of the low speeds needed.

Fulltime 4wd systems have a differential in the center (or another feature to allow slippage) so the two ends of the vehicle can move at different speeds without difficulty. Common on 4wd cars and some SUV's. They usually do not have a low range for off road use.

There is more to than that, and probably someone will come up with a link to a more comprehensive website, but here is a link to WIKIpedia on 4wd:


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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

Those links above don't discuss the SMB conversion too much. SMB 4x4 uses Dynatrac axles which are an aftermarket performance axle mostly used for rock crawling applications and performance 4x4 applications to get the most ground clearance and strength. They are Dana 60's and they put a warn hub on them.
cut and pasted from the dynatrac pro rock 60
-Unveiled in 2002, this 21st century design is still the benchmark for all other Hi-Pinion Dana 60's to try to keep up with.
-The ProRock 60 has a US Patent Pending. NO OTHER axle housing with a full diameter 9.75" ring gear can offer even close to the ground clearance of the ProRock 60.
-Even more ground clearance than a Dana 44!
-Unmatched Housing Rigidity to keep gears in proper mesh under extreme loads

The other unique feature is the transfer case SMB uses. They use the Atlas II transfer case which gives the van some unique options. You can put it in front wheel drive for the front digs or rear wheel drive (what I have it in for daily driving), and then four wheel drive Hi and low. This is built with offroad in mind.

The steering is federal mogul components (moog). The rest is Dana (spicer) parts for u-joints etc. The brakes and rotors are F-350 then they changed it to Ford F-450 in 2008. Standard leaf springs with upgraded Old Man Emu shocks which are again usually used for 4x4 applications.

Just some info about the SMB 4x4 conversion.
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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

The biggest single deciding factor for me was the SMB4x4 comes with the Atlas-II in twin-stick, and the rest come with manufacturer transfer cases. I have an Atlas-II in my Jeep, actually have had it in 3 of them. The only thing better would be an 4-speed Atlas... however, none of that means you "need" the Atlas or the pro-rock 60.
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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

Wow. Thanks. I am trying to digest all if this.

More questions:
1.what is - "ARB front air locker"?
Some of the used vans on the SMB site for sale are listing this as a feature.

2. Regarding quigley I reds that they have problems but might it be that the problems arise when the vehicles are taken to the extreme range of 4wd IE rock crawling.

Bottom line, for me and my family.
1. We will not be doing super heavy 4x4 'rock crawling'
2. We will be on the highway quite a bit, as we are planning a 'US tour' to touch both coasts and many places in between.
3. Most of our off highway time will be camping off the beaten path in all four seasons where 4x4 will be beneficial when necessary. To set some context, we were looking at VW eurovans and figured we would be happy with front wheel drive and cable chains when we encountered snowy conditions.

I really don't like the large turning radius of the quigley but I like that the ford dealerships are familiar with them and can work on them. I am thinking I will put a call into quigley to see what they can tell me about the van.

Thanks again for all your input.
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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

It sounds like any 4x4 system will work for you.

The SMB 4x4 build was built with serious offroad in mind. However its still a 10k # van so that itself implies a lot of limitations. The SMB 4x4 package costs the most out of all of them for what is offered again because it uses aftermarket serious offroad components (i.e. dynatrac and atlas II and some would argue the old man emu shocks.....). However it can handle road use very well as can all of the conversions. The tools are there when you need them for offroad use. I chose the SMB 4x4 build because these vans are so heavy and when I am offroad I want the best tools for the job and in this case they are purpose built for the job at hand.

The ARB air locker is an air actuated locking differential that is controlled with a flick of the switch. Air lockers are commonly seen on serious off road rigs and primarily done on the vans because they are so fricken heavy. Get them in sand or other offroad obstacles and you need all the traction you can get. The air locker will lock in both front or rear wheels depending on which one has air lockers (usually front or sometimes both) so you have some serious traction.
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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

Originally Posted by stephenmgleason
... I like that the ford dealerships are familiar with them and can work on them. .
Watch out here. Some Ford dealers won't touch them, and those that will usually require additional Quigley support for any repairs, which can result in extra labor charges. Plus waiting for parts. The Quigley system uses may proprietary parts, and what Ford parts they use, most are modified to the point a dealer replacent part is not possible.

If dealer serviceability is a feature you want, you are probably better served with a QuadVan, since all moving parts are unmodified Ford parts. Here is a QuadVan/Quigley comparison:
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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

Before too much gets lost in the details of 4x4 systems, lockers, etc, I'm just curious if you've driven a full size van much before? Even a 3/4 or 1 ton truck would make a reasonable comparison. The reason I ask is that you mentioned a Eurovan also being considered. These two vehicles are going to drive very differently. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE driving the big van - its fun, comfy, and I dig the view from sitting up high. However, it isn't going to handle the same as a Subaru wagon or VW Eurovan (although I've heard carringb will give them a run for their money over the pass!). I'd also suggest that if you're sharing the driving that any other drivers be comfortable with the bigger vehicle too. It may mean going and renting a full size van for a day and driving it around. This wouldn't be an apples to apples comparison, but close.

When I test drove my E350 (ok, its a bit older than most of your vans and might not handle as good) I was caught off guard by the handling as I am used to driving a 1/2 ton pickup which is very squishy and car-like in comparison. Once I took a step back to realize what I was driving (what feels a bit more like a Kenworth) it was all fine.

Good luck - great questions and answers!
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Re: Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

I'll second Rockbender's thoughts. Driving one of these vans (experience in my '02 Quigley and my brother's '03 Quadvan) is more like driving a 60,000 pound fire engine than a passenger car. You will get used to it - like Rockbender I enjoy it, too - but it was a trip at first. My wife hates driving it still.
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Do quigley conversions advertise sportsmobile ?

Thanks all for the input and consideration.
As an FYI, I have owned a couple different diesel dodge 2500 4x4s (manual transmission/towing package). My wife didn't love parallel parking it but I am hopeful that we should be able to adapt to the vans.
Parallel parking between mountains only!!
Back to quigley v SMB. I will be contacting QUIGLEY today to inquire about 2008 conversion specs, as this is the van year I am looking at.
Lynn (SMB) sent me a general breakdown which I will try and add to this thread.

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